About Us

Our Mission

JTHS strives to provide its students with an excellent and well rounded education. Keeping up with the pace of technology, students utilize accredited online courses in curriculums that are customized. We provide individual students with personalized programs of study. With this approach, students gain skills to become lifelong learners- to succeed academically in high school, higher education, and beyond. 

As a Torah high school, JTHS strives to instill in its students a deep love for Judaism, Torah, G-d, and Israel. JTHS has a comprehensive Jewish Studies curriculum, dynamic teachers, and classes based on Biblical texts, Jewish philosophy, conversational Hebrew language, and a focus on our connection to the land of Israel. Students are encouraged to ask questions to gain a greater understanding of their own personal Jewish identities.

Our Program


 At JTHS we are not just teaching students, we are facilitating the personal development of the next generation of Jewish families. Jacksonville Torah High School encourages students to realize and actualize their own strengths, goals, and potential. Whether in the classroom, the arts, sciences, or extra-curricular activities, students are emboldened to nurture their creativity in areas that best suit themselves individually.

JTHS aims to partner with local religious, cultural, and charitable organizations. We are  privileged to be a part of the Jacksonville Jewish Community, and the Jacksonville area at large. Students are given opportunities to give back and contribute meaningfully to our community. Through these relationships, students will gain positive experiences in giving of themselves and work towards developing into future community leaders.